The Paquete semanal. Week 5.

By Julio Meza Díaz


It is interesting and challenging how Cuban people create their own intranet. Besides the surveillance from the state, they make each weak a complicated task that I only tried for a few hours. This is a summary about my attempt to organize a little list for the Paquete Semanal.

My first step was to take a decision about who would be my demographic. I remembered that Cuba has an important literary tradition. For this reason, I assumed that there are currently many readers interested in literature. I decided then to create the Paquete Semanal for people that is interesting in recent news about literature from Latin America and the rest of the world.

The process to prepare the Paquete Semanal was easy in the beginning because I had a time limit; that is, I had to choose only among information from no more than two weeks ago. However, I established another rule for my work. This consisted in trying to choose a diverse content. That meant that I had to collect literary news about writers from different literary traditions.

I started collecting literary news from Argentina and Mexican newspapers. In those sources, I found a lot of current information about classic and contemporary writers from Latin American, United States and Europe. It was difficult to find out literary news from Asian, African or Arab writers. I concluded that to create a diverse Paquete Semanal would be challenging.

After that, I realized that I had only used sources in Spanish. As an automatic response, I began to access to the New Yorker, a mainstream literary web page. I was surprised for my own decision. I do not doubt quality of the New Yorker´s readings. However, I feel that this is not the only idea that pushed me to search its web but rather other reasons, like the marketing of its brand and its legitimacy into the literary field.  

I leaved the New Yorker web page and paid attention to the CBC web. At that moment, I understood that it was necessary to include literary news from unknown web pages, because those non-hegemonic webs are important to build a diverse Paquete Semanal.

Preparing the Paquete semanal is a challenging task, especially if someone wants to prepare it with a real diverse information. In my case, my principal problem was to choose my sources of information. I think that it is important to know first which sources will be used before collecting the specific news. That is also important because a flash drive has a limited space and cannot host all news from each source.

Murió Lawrence Ferlinghetti, el último representante de la generación beat
A la memoria de mi amigo y maestro Raúl Santana
Las historias que inspiraron el film “Las aguas bajan turbias”
Foco en la literatura infantil y juvenil Encuentro Anual de Libros y Maestros
Susana Villalba: “No soy de las poetas que le gustan a todo el mundo; me interesa arriesgar”
La literatura da voz a las cosas hacia las que somos pasivos: González-Sinde
Voces que hablan del fracaso y la violencia
Amos Oz: memorias de su hija conmocionan a Israel y dividen a su familia
Simone de Beauvoir antes de serlo
Fuentes y Paz, unidos y separados por la crítica literaria
Jonathan Lethem on Robert Heinlein and Other Influence
Kazuo Ishiguro Uses Artificial Intelligence to Reveal the Limits of Our Own
Join the Canada Reads authors and panellists in conversation on March 2
LITERATURA DE FANTASÍA, TERROR Y CIENCIA FICCIÓN – El Expresso de las 10 – Lu. 22 Feb 2021
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